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Twitter Spaces

We believe in Twitter Spaces as one of the best communication tool in crytpo
Twitter Spaces is a new feature from Twitter that allows users to join and participate in live audio conversations. This feature has the potential to be an educational tool in the crypto space for a few reasons:
  • Live discussions: Twitter Spaces allows for live, real-time discussions between users. This can be beneficial for the community to interact in real-time and having a better human interaction.
  • Accessibility: Twitter Spaces is accessible to anyone with a Twitter account, and most of crypto enthusiasts and organizions use Twitter as the preferred social network.
  • Flexibility: Twitter Spaces allows educators to host audio discussions at any time, which allows for flexibility in scheduling and can make it easier for people to participate regardless of their location or time zone.
  • Interactivity: Twitter Spaces allows for interactive discussions and can allow educators to easily engage with their students and make communication more interactive.
Twitter Spaces is valuable tool for everyone in the crypto space, by providing a platform for live discussions, networking, and engagement with a large audience.